HEALTH INSURANCE Regular full-time employees are eligible to receive yearly contributions, as established by the hospitalization/major medical insurance for either single or family coverage. The employee is responsible for the balance of the premium

DENTAL INSURANCE The District provides dental insurance to all full-time employees, at no cost. The employee may include his or her family at his/her cost.

LIFE INSURANCE Each full-time employee has a minimum of $20,000 life insurance coverage. Employees earning for $20,000 per year will have coverage equaling their annual salary rounded to the next higher $1,000. In addition, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance is provided to each employee in an amount equal to his/her life insurance policy, with a minimum or $20,000.

SICK LEAVE AND PERSONAL LEAVE Full-time certificated employees will be credited with the full number of sick leave and undifferentiated leave days the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1). All leaves are governed in accordance with Policy PE302.4—Professional Staff Leaves and Absences.

SALARY PROTECTION Long-term disability insurance is provided as part of Arizona State Retirement. Payment is part of the Arizona State Retirement deduction from salary and is matched in the District.

LONGEVITY STEPS After serving twenty (20) years with the District, teachers receive one (1) extra step equivalent to one vertical step on the salary schedule; after twenty-five (25) years, an additional step equivalent to one vertical step on the salary schedule is granted. This step is to be repeated each year thereafter, but not compounded.

ATTENDANCE INCENTIVE PLAN Full-time certificated employees who are absent due to personal or family illness or for use of personal day will receive the following payment in addition to their contractual amount if they meet the following qualifications:

1 days absent = $140 1 day absence = $105
2 days absent = $ 70 3 days absence = $ 35
People with four or more absences do not qualify for incentive pay.

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