Below are the current Request for Proposal/Invitation to Bid. Feel free to check back frequently to participate in the bid process with our district.

Amendment #2-Invitation for Bid-Project-Faras Elementary-Weatherization, Roofing, and Stuctural Repairs:Amendment#2-IFB#21-007-22 Faras Elementary Weatherization, Roofing, and Stuctural Repairs

Amendment #1-Invitation for Bid-Project-Faras Elementary Weatherization, Roofing, and Structural Repairs::Amendment#1-IFB#21-007-22 Faras Elementary Weatherization, Roofing, and Structural Repairs

Invitation for Bid IFB#21-007-22-Project-Faras Elementary Weatherization, Roofing, and Structural Repairs:IFB#21-007-22 Faras Elementary Weatherization,Roofing,Structural Repairs

Faras Elementary Specification:Faras Specification

Faras Elementary Drawings:Faras Drawings

Faras Elementary Limited Exterior Asbestos Survey 10/12/17:Faras Limited Exterior Asbestos Survey 10/12/17

Vendor Instructions: You will be required to submit a VENDOR INFORMATION FORM.

For questions about current bids or vendor information, please contact our Business Office at:

Norma Nerio-GFA/Procurement Specialist

(520) 364-2447 x 7025
(520) 224-2427 fax
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* general fixed assets

Terry Dillman-Purchasing Specialist

(520) 364-2447 x 7004

(520) 224-2427 fax

* purchasing