On behalf of the Douglas Unified School District #27, Governing Board, Administration, staff, and students, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation.  Your donation will be utilized to advance the area that you have designated.  I can assure you it will be spent with the utmost integrity.

It is wonderful to see the generosity and interest of the community in helping our District provide the best educational opportunities for our students.  It is our firm belief that the community plays a key role in helping us accomplish our goals.  Thank you!


Ana C. Samaniego, Superintendent 

Board Approved on 04/05/22:
  • Donation of $10,500.00 from DHS Football Club to DHS for the purchase of weight lifting racks.
  • Donation of $660.00 from American Legion Fred Hilburn Post 11 to DHS Baseball Program.
  • Donation of $580.65 from Mr. Kevin Smith to DHS Wrestling. (Revised)
  • Donation of two (2) infield training gloves from Arizona Gloveman to DHS Baseball Program (est. value $100.00).
  • Donation from DonorsChoose to the following schools for classroom projects:
    • Clawson PreK (Ms. Luzania) - $719.00
    • Clawson 1st Grade (Mrs. Tapia) - $977.00
    • Clawson 1st Grade (Ms. Castillo) - $866.00
    • Clawson 3rd Grade (Ms. Leon) - $521.00
    • Clawson 3rd Grade (Ms. Morris) - $1104.00
    • Clawson 4th Grade (Mrs. Daniel) - $988.00
    • Clawson 4th Grade (Mrs. Escalante) - $999.99
    • Clawson 5th Grade (Ms. Encinas) - $413.00
    • DHS Engineering (Mrs. Barallardos) - $1099.00
Board Approved on 03/01/22:
  • Donation of $660.00 from Infinite Power Energy Solutions to DHS Baseball (for summer jerseys).
  • Donation of $1,553.50 from Mr. Kevin Smith to DHS Wrestling.
  • Donation of a nylon square batting cage net (for batting practice) from RX2 Restoration, LLC to DHS Baseball (est. value $1,000.00).
Board Approved on 02/01/22:
  • Donation of a Mapex Tornado Drum Kit with cymbals and hardware from Mr. Mike Sadler to DHS Band (est. value $300.00).
  • Donation of $500.00 from ICF International (2021 AZ Youth Risk Behavior Survey) to Douglas High School (gifts & donations account).
Board Approved on 01/11/22:
  • Donation of $1,000.00 from Mr. & Mrs. Dean Huish to DHS Band.
  • Donation of a refrigerator from Dr. Kristine L. Gomez to District and designated to DHS Gym Concession Stand (est. value $125.00).
Board Approved on 12/07/21:
  • Donation of face masks to DUSD #27 from Anonymous Donor (est. value $50.00).
  • Donation of dictionaries for all DUSD #27 3rd & 4th graders from Douglas Rotary Club (est. value $1,800.00).
  • Donation of a portable hitting batting cage from Cochise Community College Baseball/Todd Inglehart to Douglas High School Baseball (est. value $4,000.00).
  • Donation of $500.00 for the Making Reading Fun Project from Freeport-McMoRan Foundation to Mrs. Noemi Escalante, Clawson 4th Grade Teacher.
  • Donation of $2,000.00 Grant from APS and Phoenix Suns Charities to Ms. Rachel Morris, Clawson 3rd Grade Teacher.
Board Approved on 11/02/21:
  • Donation of 39 jerseys from Mr. & Mrs. Dave Docto and Mrs. Trinta to DHS Volleyball Team (est. value $690.00).
  • Donation of $3,030 from Knights of Columbus No. 1858 to DHS Baseball Club.
  • Donation of school supplies worth $1,000.00 to Joe Carlson Elementary School, Stevenson Elementary School, and Sarah Marley Elementary School from Walmart (total est. value $3,000.00).
  • Donation of $500.00 gift card for school supplies from the Arizona Public Service Foundation Supply My Class Teacher Awards to Mrs. Denise McGrew, Joe Carlson 1st Grade Teacher.
Board Approved on 10/05/21:
  • Donation of 2,114 school supplies to DUSD #27 schools from Project Happiness AZ (Ms. Caitlyn Kramer) (est. value $6,500.00).
  • Donation of $1,000.00 from Southwest Gas Corporation Foundation (Mr. Walter Richter) to DHS Future Business Leaders of America.
  • Donation of $318.00 to DHS Class of 2022 from an Anonymous Donor.
  • Donation of an in-room air purifier and filters from Mr. Matthew O. King to Ms. Hurtado's Classroom at Sarah Marley Elementary School (est. value $400.00).
Board Approved on 09/07/21:
  • Donation of $500.00 to DHS Football Team from Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gallardo.
  • Donation of $400.00 to DHS Golf Program for equipment/apparel from Mr. Bernie Samaniego.
Board Approved on 08/03/21:
  • Donation of 209 cases of hand sanitizer to DUSD #27 from Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Sanchez (est. value $12,000.00).
Board Approved on 07/06/21:
  • Donation of 12 Basketball Uniform/Jersey (reversible) and a wolfpack banner to PHMS Boys & Girls Basketball Club from Mr. and Mrs. Dave Docto (est. value $202.00).
  • Donation of $600.00 to the DHS Football Team for equipment/apparel from Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gallardo.
  • Donation of school sanitizing supplies/items to DHS from Douglas Walmart (est. value $10,500.00).
Board Approved on 06/01/21:
  • Donation of U.S. Flag on behalf of the family of Mr. Walker Joe Williams (Class of 1949-1950) and in memoriam to Douglas High School.
  • Donation of $800.00 to the DHS Gay/Straight Alliance Club for scholarships from Kris Estrada, Blanca Estrada, Ryuta Fukuda, and Miguel Hernandez.
Board Approved on 05/04/21:
  • Donation of $1,538.15 from the Arizona State Prison Complex Douglas-Gila Unit inmate population to DUSD #27 for Pack-To-School.