On behalf of the Douglas Unified School District #27, Governing Board, Administration, staff, and students, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation.  Your donation will be utilized to advance the area that you have designated.  I can assure you it will be spent with the utmost integrity.

It is wonderful to see the generosity and interest of the community in helping our District provide the best educational opportunities for our students.  It is our firm belief that the community plays a key role in helping us to accomplish our goals.  Thank you!


Cesar B. Soto, Chief Financial & Operations Officer 

Board Approved on 03/02/21:
  • Donation of $5,000.00 from APS Supply My School grant program to Joe Carlson Elementary School.
Board Approved on 02/02/21:
  • Donation of 145 bags containing school supplies from Mrs. Donna Savill to ESS Students (ESS Dept.) (est. value $725.00).
Board Approved on 01/12/21:
  • Donation of 27 sets of EISCO Labs Basic Beginner Circuit Kits (Science) from DonorsChoose.org to Ms. Lulu Gamo, Stevenson 4th grade (est. value $485.00).
Board Approved on 12/08/20:
  • Donation of $598.00 from STEM-CAN Support to Clawson Elementary for Mrs. Noemi Escalante's teacher project.
  • Donation of $1,250.00 from Walmart #1846 to Stevenson Elementary Community Grant.
Board Approved on 11/04/20:
  • $500.00 gift card for school supplies from APS Supply My Class Teacher Awards to each of the following teachers:
    • Alvina Hughes, Faras, 4th grade
    • Sydney Fimbres, Faras, 3rd grade
    • Jasmine Leon, Joe Carlson, 3rd grade
    • Ana Ballesteros, Joe Carlson, 2nd grade
    • Lulu Gamo, Stevenson, 4th grade
    • Adriana Rojas, Stevenson, 1st grade
    • Suzie Cantua, Stevenson, 4th grade
    • Cinthya Elias, Stevenson, 4th grade
    • Lea Pagatpat, Stevenson, 1st grade
    • Crystal Vega, Stevenson, 1st grade
    • Michelle Yanez, Stevenson, 4th grade
    • Michell Gastelum, PHMS, Art
    • Brittany Darus, PHMS, Band
    • Silvia Bojorquez, RBMS, ELD
    • Maria Ruiz, RBMS, Writing
    • Mario Romero, RBMS, Science
    • Maricel Antonio, DHS, Girls P.E.
    • Nathan Darus, DHS, Band
    • Chaelyn Fredrickson, DHS, English
    • Dr. Kym Kennedy, DHS, English
    • Maria Noriega, DHS, Spanish
    • Joel Ramirez, DHS, Spanish
    • Arnold Recinto, DHS, English
    • Michelle Rosa-Ot, DHS, English
  • $50.00 gift card from Tucson Supplies Teachers to Mrs. Yahaira Leafstone, Sarah Marley teacher.
  • $565.00 from STEM-CAN Support to Clawson Elementary for Mrs. Suzette Rico-Vildosola teacher project.
  • $600.00 from STEM-CAN Support to Clawson Elementary for Ms. Ibana Leon teacher project.
Board Approved on 10/06/20:
  • Chromebook Cart and 20 Lenovo Chromebooks from Cochise Technology Educational District to DHS CTED (est. value $8,000).
  • 3,000 cloth face masks from Cochise County Health Department to DUSD #27 (est. value $10,000).
Board Approved on 08/04/20:
  • Donation of 30 cloth face masks from Mr. and Mrs. Docto to DUSD #27 (est. value $270.00).
Board Approved on 07/07/20:
  • Donation of 4,000 cloth face masks from BlueCross BlueShield Arizona to DUSD #27 (est. value $14,080.00).
Board Approved on 04/02/20:
  • Donation of $500.00 from ICF International to RBMS for participating in the CDC's 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey.
  • Donation of $2,010.00 from the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona, Fast Pitch Grant, to Sarah Marley PreSchool (Ms. Elisa Vasquez).
  • Donation of 100 clear backpacks from CSL Plasma to DHS (est. value $2,000.00).